New UAE Start-up Set to Disrupt Traditional Services and Accelerate Digital Economy

Transforming traditional sectors and services through digitalisation, UAE-based start-up launched today as a next-generation digital ecosystem to provide smart platforms that simplify business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.

To meet the demands of a digital economy which values convenience, efficiency and immediacy as fundamental decision drivers, offers streamlined and smart platforms for sectors such as logistics, recyclable trading and more.

Together with its official launch, introduced its first digital platform, collect, which provides seamless, on-demand logistics transportation for businesses and residents in the UAE through a mobile application.

“During the pandemic, I was struck by the need for smarter, streamlined solutions for individuals and businesses, amid a rapidly changing environment,” said Salim Sultan Al Owais, Chief Executive Officer at “Simply put, the digital ecosystem aims to offer smarter and convenient solutions for tech-savvy, time-sensitive consumers and businesses. We are fundamentally transforming the way people and businesses make decisions, starting with our first digital platform, collect.” collect is disrupting the informal logistics sector, by organizing the current market structure to enable better coordination between service providers and consumers. The digital platform replaces the traditional ‘pick-up services’ with a secure digital platform, leading to instant access for transport services with reasonable pricing based on distance and complexity.

Consumers who want to transport bulky, heavy items such as furniture or appliances will have the choice of engaging independent operators, small-scale service providers or moving and transportation companies through collect. In Sharjah, collect also offers the option of sustainable disposal services for bulky and heavy items.