“Digital transformation” has been talked about for years. But since the start of COVID-19, companies have sped up technology adoption at breakneck speed as they race to stay relevant amid pandemic precautionary measures.

Digital transformation has become the lifeline for all businesses irrespective of their industry or size. And there is no doubt that the digital economy is here to stay. What is important is that consumers everywhere have heightened expectations regarding the digital solutions they are being offered. This tech-savvy, uber-aware generation of mobile users are looking to companies for added convenience, simple-use interfaces and services that improve their quality of life.

We recognized the need to relook and rethink the way businesses and people go about their everyday lives and transactions. We have analyzed their logistics, buying habits, lifestyle choices and more to see where digital services could fill the gaps.

This is where re.life comes in.

re.life’s ultimate goal is to offer convenience, efficiency and immediacy that will enhance decision-making, whether for corporates or consumers. Our answer is a digital ecosystem an interconnected suite of digital platforms that take the friction and frustration out of transactions with uncomplicated, easy-to-use mobile applications.

We draw on the disruptive nature of digitalisation as the catalyst for crafting smart, streamlined solutions to everyday consumer and business challenges against the shifting backdrop of a changed world.

We have since launched two new platforms that streamlines connections between businesses and individuals to support a better quality of life.

re.life collect

A mobile app for residents or businesses looking to move heavy, bulky items from one location to another, or to dispose of waste items, re.life collect connects consumers to a verified community of moving and transportation companies via a smart, streamlined on-demand digital solution. https://www.relife.com/collect/

re.life market

A virtual marketplace for business-to-business buying and selling of recovered commodities such as scrap metal, recyclable plastic, mixed fibres, and more, the re.life market app removes the middleman and connects qualified sellers with validated buyers via a convenient, real-time interface.   https://www.relife.com/market/

Welcome to re.life and a re-imagined future.